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People often ask why we prescribe tooth colored fillings instead of silver fillings.

Silver fillings are made up of about 50% silver and 50% mercury. You probably know that mercury is a highly toxic metal and a serious environmental hazard. There are many reasons not to introduce mercury into our bodies by placing silver fillings. Mercury is associated with many illnesses due to its toxicity. These illnesses range from neurological disorders to immune system diseases.

Mercury from the removal of old dental amalgams is a pollutant to our water supply and is hurting our environment. When we chew the mercury leaches out of the fillings in our teeth and into our system.

Fillings containing mercury are illegal in a number of European countries and are not allowed to be used in children and pregnant woman in many other countries. If you break an old fashioned mercury thermometer which has a tiny amount of mercury in it you cannot throw it into the trash. You are suppose to obtain a special container from the EPA so they can dispose of it safely. One small filling has more mercury than what is in a thermometer.

The American Dental Association still supports the use of mercury containing silver amalgam fillings. Many feel that is because if they change their position they are opening themselves up to an enormous lawsuit. Over time they have softened their opinion and are backing away from the use of silver mercury fillings.

The quality of healthcare in the US is declining when compared to other developed countries. In America we spend the most per person on healthcare but our population is not near as healthy as people in many other developed countries. This is not good news for what we think of as the best country in the world. Mercury contamination is one factor adding to this dismal statistic.

I am making available a couple of internet articles that support what I have written in this brief statement. I hope after reading all of this you will understand our position on the use of mercury fillings and realize it is not in your best interest to have your fillings replaced with mercury containing fillings.